About This Book

Most of what you’ll need to know about this book is in chapter 1, but there are a few things that need to be mentioned up front.

First, this book is intended for the IT Pro that needs to learn about managing Active Directory. It’s not a reference book. It won’t teach you how to design a new Active Directory. It will teach you to manage your Active Directory and supply the theory you need to accomplish the management tasks. Most people learn best by using multiple techniques. I strongly recommend that you complete the exercises in each chapter and the lab section at the end of each chapter. You’ll be “learning by reading” and “learning by doing.”

Second, read the book from beginning to end. I’ve put the most common AD management tasks (user and group management) in the early chapters. This will enable you to become immediately effective as an Active Directory administrator. The later chapters build on this knowledge. Taking the chapters in a random order will provide a diminished learning experience.


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