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AWS certainly isn’t the only cloud provider on earth, and there’s no single service it offers that can’t be replicated elsewhere at a comparable or sometimes lower price. But although Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer some serious products, AWS is by all measures the biggest player in this market.

You’ve probably already heard this old joke: no one ever got fired for choosing IBM. The idea was that IBM’s size and history made choosing its products and services the safe choice. These days? AWS is probably getting close to IBM status.

Of course, that’s only a joke. Sometimes, safe choices can lead to disaster. And there’s still plenty of risk to be found in AWS: finding yourself so heavily invested in uniquely AWS technologies that you’re effectively unable to move your resources elsewhere is one significant example. But AWS’s reputation for innovation and product reliability is well earned. When it comes to talking about the cloud, AWS is the elephant in every room.

Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches is designed to give you the insights and skills you’ll need to quickly move from being a raw beginner to someone who’s able to safely and effectively launch and manage a wide range of AWS resources. The book encourages you to get your hands dirty with real infrastructure projects pretty much right away. The skills you’ll use in the early chapters will serve as a foundation for everything that comes after.

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