Chapter 1. Before you begin


The majority of business networks rely on Cisco hardware, specifically routers and switches. The thing about hardware is that it has a long shelf life, and even when it’s time to replace it, it’s easier to stick with the tried and true. Hence, large corporations, small businesses, and everybody in between depends on the proper care and feeding of their Cisco gear to stay in business. Networks are not “set it and forget it.” They’re in continual flux. Whenever an organization hires or fires an employee, or whenever an employee moves desks or departments, someone has to make a change to the network. When a business adds more heads (and more computers), it may have to expand its network by adding more Cisco devices. This book will teach you how to configure Cisco routers and switches to accommodate these types of moves, additions, and changes.

1.1. Is this book for you?

1.2. How to use this book

1.3. Lab considerations

1.4. Online resources

1.5. A word on my recommendations

1.6. Being an immediately effective network administrator