Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches MEAP V18 cover
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Thank you for purchasing the Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches MEAP. We’re fired up that you’ve chosen our book! Not only are we excited to finally share our hard work, but we’re also excited because with your help and feedback, the final book will be even better.

This MEAP can be immediately useful, each chapter is written to be fun, practical, and consumable in a single lunch break. This is not a text book. We’ve written the book in a conversational way that will aid you in your journey through the beginnings of your dbatools experience.

This book is for you to learn about dbatools during your lunch breaks (other meal-times are also acceptable). dbatools is an open-source PowerShell module which interacts with SQL Server and we hope to give you a head start in using PowerShell to automate your work.

We expect that most people who will be reading this book will have had some interactions with SQL Server. We will not be explaining SQL Server concepts in too much detail, so basic knowledge of SQL Server will definitely be required.

You don’t need to know PowerShell to get benefit from this book: we start gently and hold your hand through the initial stages of starting and using dbatools. Reading PowerShell in a Month of Lunches would be highly beneficial to every reader of this book, as it will explain many of the basics of using PowerShell that we don’t cover.