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Hello there! Thanks for getting involved in the MEAP for Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches. I hope you find the book useful and I’ll be glad to hear any feedback you have. My name’s Elton and I work at Docker as an Architect. I’ve been using Docker since the earliest releases and I’ve helped organizations at every stage in their container journey. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world, speaking at conferences and running workshops on Docker, and I’m distilling many years of using and teaching Docker into this book.

Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches is aimed at new and improving Docker users. The learning path takes you from the basics of containers through packaging your own applications to run in Docker to running at scale in production-grade environments. The chapters start simple and gradually grow more complex, saving the more advanced architectural topics for last. If you’re completely new to containers, this book will take you on a logical and, hopefully, pleasant journey. If you already have some experience with Docker, it’s fine to skip around the chapters — though I’m confident that you’ll learn something new, even from Chapter 1. :)




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