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This book is aimed at coding professionals who are beginners to either source control or Git. Anyone who types code into files (whether it is a computer program, a CSS file, or an HTML file) can benefit from learning Git to keep track of their work. This book covers beginner to intermediate level topics.

Using version control is one of the characteristics of a professional developer, but this book does not assume you know another version control system. In fact, this book will explain Git entirely in Git’s terminology, so I won’t mention any other version control system.

I hope you are comfortable on the command line, but do not worry if you are not. I will go over each command, and over time you will become more comfortable with this skill. In addition, the book will show various GUIs that make Git easier to use.

If you are a complete beginner, you should read the chapters in order. Each chapter is designed to be read during your lunch hour. In that hour, you should be able to read the text and go through each of the “Try it now” exercises for a particular chapter. The exercises at the end of each chapter will help reinforce the points of the chapter, but they can be done at your leisure.

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