Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q#: A Hands-on approach MEAP V03 cover


Thank you for joining the MEAP for Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q#: A Hands-on approach we hope you'll enjoy getting started with quantum computing!

Quantum computing has recently been gaining more interest as the research field is maturing and large tech companies are investing heavily in it. With all this hype, it is both interesting and important to learn what we could do with these new devices as well as what will likely be out of scope. Our goal with this book is to both introduce you to this exciting new field, as well as Microsoft’s domain-specific programming language for quantum computers: Q#.

When we were learning quantum computing ourselves, it was very exciting but also a bit scary and intimidating. Looking back, it doesn't have to be that way, as a lot of what makes topics like quantum computing confusing is the way in which they are presented, not the content itself. With this book, there is an opportunity both for us as authors and for you as readers to learn without this obstruction, using modern programming languages like Python and Q# to help along the way.



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