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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Let’s Talk Python.

This book is based on a real story. My son Erik liked to go to Starbucks and try drinks with different flavors and toppings. One day he decided to prepare drinks himself and treat his friends. He took his tablet to collect orders from them, but I suggested create a simple program for that. He tried to learn programming before but most of the exercises were boring for him. This time he saw a real problem he could solve with programming and he got interested. This is how this book was started. I hope you, dear reader, will find your own problem that can be solved with programming. And I hope this book will help you.

A couple pieces of advice.

Don’t rush. I understand your desire to go directly to the last chapter, download the code of the final version of the program, and run it. Don’t do it. Go step by step, write the code yourself (don’t copy and paste, please!), try it, and move forward. Sometimes you will have to return and re-read the chapter. Sometimes you will need a break. Don’t worry, take a break, repeat the chapter. Just don’t drop out.