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Lift is an advanced, next-generation framework for building highly interactive and intuitive web applications. Lift aims to give you a toolkit that scales with both your needs as a developer and the needs of your applications. Lift includes a range of features right out of the box that set it apart from other frameworks in the marketplace: namely security, statefulness, and performance.

Lift also includes a range of high-level abstractions that make day-to-day development easy and powerful. In fact, one of the main driving forces during Lift’s evolution has been to include only features that have an actual production use. You, as the developer, can be sure that the features you find in Lift are distilled from real production code.

Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift web framework, and it’s split into two main parts: chapters 1 through 5 introduce Lift and walk you through building a small, sample application, and then chapters 6 through 15 take a deep dive into the various parts of Lift, providing you with a deep technical reference to help you get the best out of Lift.


Chapter 1 introduces Lift and sets the scene with regard to how it came into existence. It also covers the various modules of the framework to give you an appreciation for the bigger picture.

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