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Looking to learn to administer Linux computers? Excellent choice. While it can hold its own in the consumer desktop space, where Linux absolutely dominates is the world of servers, especially virtual and cloud servers. Because most serious server administration these days takes place remotely, working through a GUI interface of one sort or another just adds unnecessary overhead. If you want to manage the servers and network architectures that are currently attracting all the attention, you’re going to have to learn your way around the Linux command line.

The good news is that the core Linux command set is going to work for you across geographic and corporate lines, just about anywhere computers and business intersect. The better news is that, relatively speaking, Linux skills have staying power. Because it’s such a mature and stable operating system, most of the tools used a quarter century ago are still just as effective as ever, and most of the tools used today will probably still be actively used after another quarter century. Learning Linux, in other words, is a lifelong investment.

But you’re busy and you’ve got deadlines. Well, I can’t promise you that mastering Linux will be as simple as learning to tie your shoes. But I can help you focus like a laser so you can leave all the stuff you don’t need lying on the highway, choking on your exhaust fumes (assuming you’re not driving a Tesla, of course).

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