Part 1. Core Lucene


The first half of this book covers out-of-the-box (errr... out of the JAR) Lucene. Chapter 1, “Meet Lucene,” provides a general overview, and you’ll develop a complete indexing and searching application. Each successive chapter systematically delves into specific areas. “Building a search index,” chapter 2, and “Adding search to your application,” chapter 3, are the first steps to using Lucene. Returning to a glossed-over indexing process, “Lucene’s analysis process,” chapter 4, will round out your understanding of what happens to the text indexed with Lucene.

After those four chapters you’ll have a good sense of Lucene’s basic capabilities. But searching is where Lucene really shines, and so this part concludes with two additional chapters on searching: chapter 5, “Advanced search techniques,” using only the built-in features, and “Extending search,” chapter 6, showcasing Lucene’s extensibility for custom purposes.