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A common phrase you hear from experienced developers is that “building applications ain’t rocket science.” While it may not be as complicated as sending people into space, it can be quite daunting to the uninitiated. A huge number of tools and server components is typically required to put your applications on the web, not to mention mobile devices. Meteor aims to become a game-changer. As Nick Martin, one of Meteor’s creators, puts it:

At Meteor, we hope to democratize web app development by empowering anyone, anywhere to create apps.[1]

We have seen people with only the most basic understanding of HTML and CSS turn their ideas into code after less than a day with Meteor. As such we believe that it will make development easier. It will even open up development for people who never considered themselves developers.

Unless you have a good teacher you will probably need more than half a day to know your way around the Meteor platform. This is where Meteor in Action comes in. It is your personal teacher that walks you through all major aspects of creating applications, regardless whether you want to write a web or mobile app. Eventually you will be able to turn your own ideas into code. If you did this before Meteor, you will be amazed at how quickly Meteor solves some of the most common issues.




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