Microservices in .NET Core, Second Edition MEAP V06 cover
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Thank you for buying the MEAP of the second edition of Microservices in .NET Core.

This is a book for developers and architects interested in getting better at building and designing microservices. It is a practical book that will show the details of how to develop robust, scalable, and flexible microservices. It’s a book that takes a developer’s point of view. It shows you the code, but it also thoroughly teaches you the ideas behind the code.

For this second edition, I use different tooling than the first time around. Like in the first edition, I’m still using .NET Core. I updated the framework and am taking advantage of the benefits of containerization this time around. The first edition of this book used the Nancy web framework, but, sadly, I feel Nancy has lost its momentum, but Microsoft’s MVC framework has gotten better and better. So, for this edition, I am using Microsoft’s MVC framework. Furthermore, I decided it was time to containerize the microservices. In this edition, all microservices are wrapped up in Docker containers and deployed to Kubernetes.