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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Modern Angular. To get the best experience with this book, you would want to have some experience with Angular’s basics, a bit of RxJS, and general knowledge of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). The book should be useful for developers already working with Angular that wish to learn about the most recent developments in the framework and its ecosystem.

Angular has long been a large and complex system designed primarily for enterprise applications, with a vibrant and often democratic community. Now, the framework is taking the path of revitalization, adding new features to become more beginner-friendly, easier to switch to, and in general less complex and more performant.

In this book, we are going to learn about all the new and hot stuff: from standalone building blocks to improved server-side rendering; we are going to do so by creating a very modern Angular application and building it along with learning and applying the new concepts.

Each chapter will focus on a particular new feature of the framework; we will first apply it into out working project, learn its theoretical aspects, and any caveats we might encounter. Additionally, each chapter will include a section explaining strategies that can be used to migrate existing applications to use the particular new feature, making the book useful for developers who are deep in legacy projects which they want to upgrade to latest versions of Angular.