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About this Book


This book is about Mondrian 4.0 and related technologies. It’s organized into chapters based on functionality. Chapters are designed to be standalone in most cases, but it’s easier, especially for beginners, to start at the beginning and work through the chapters of interest in order. Depending on your role in the organization, different chapters will be more relevant than others.

Intended audience

This book is targeted at four general types of users:

The business analyst is the person who will use Mondrian to perform analysis. This reader mainly wants to use Mondrian and the related tools, not necessarily understand all of the inner workings, such as configuration and database format.

The data warehouse architect is the person who’s responsible for setting up the data for Mondrian for business analysts to use. This person makes it possible for analysis to be fast and easy.

The business intelligence enterprise architect is responsible for making Mondrian work within the enterprise. This includes installation, configuration, scaling, and security.

Finally, application developers will want to learn how to integrate Mondrian in their own applications. Integration approaches include embedding the Mondrian engine into your application as well as using Mondrian’s web services to get data.


Here’s what you’ll learn in each chapter:

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