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This book is for application developers and DBAs wanting to learn MongoDB from the ground up. If you’re new to MongoDB, you’ll find in this book a tutorial that moves at a comfortable pace. If you’re already a user, the more detailed reference sections in the book will come in handy and should fill any gaps in your knowledge. In terms of depth, the material should be suitable for all but the most advanced users.

The code examples are written in JavaScript, the language of the MongoDB shell, and Ruby, a popular scripting language. Every effort has been made to provide simple but useful examples, and only the plainest features of the JavaScript and Ruby languages are used. The main goal is to present the MongoDB API in the most accessible way possible. If you have experience with other programming languages, you should find the examples easy to follow.

One more note about languages. If you’re wondering, “Why couldn’t this book use language X?” you can take heart. The officially supported MongoDB drivers feature consistent and analogous APIs. This means that once you learn the basic API for one driver, you can pick up the others fairly easily. To assist you, this book provides an overview of the PHP, Java, and C++ drivers in appendix D.

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