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Nim in Action is a practical way to learn how to develop software using the open source Nim programming language. This book includes many examples, both large and small, to show and teach you how software is written in Nim.

Nim is unique. It’s multi-paradigm, and unlike most other languages, it doesn’t emphasize object-oriented programming. Because of this, I encourage you to consciously absorb the styles used in this book instead of applying your own. Nim in Action will teach you a set of best practices and idioms that you’ll also find useful in other programming languages.

By learning Nim, you’ll discover a language that straddles the lines between efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance. Nim will make you productive and your end users happy.

Who should read this book

This is by no means a beginner’s book. It assumes that you know at least one other programming language and have experience writing software in it. For example, I expect you to be aware of basic programming language features such as functions, variables, and types. The fundamentals of programming aren’t explained in this book.

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