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About this Book


Node.js in Action’s primary purpose is to teach you to how to create and deploy Node applications, with a focus on web applications. A considerable part of the book focuses on the Express web application framework and the Connect middleware framework because of their usefulness and community support. You’ll also learn how to create automated tests for, and how to deploy, your applications.

This book is targeted toward experienced web application developers who are interested in creating responsive, scalable applications using Node.js.

Because Node.js applications are written using JavaScript, a working knowledge of the language is a prerequisite. Familiarity with the Windows, OS X, or Linux command line is also recommended.


This book is organized into three parts.

Part 1 provides an introduction to Node.js, teaching the fundamental techniques needed to develop with it. Chapter 1 explains the characteristics of Node and steps through some example code. Chapter 2 guides the reader through the creation of an example application. Chapter 3 explains the challenges of Node.js development, provides techniques for overcoming them, and teaches ways to organize application code.

Part 2 is the largest in the book and focuses on web application development. Chapter 4 teaches the basics of creating Node-driven web applications, and chapter 5 talks about how to store application data using Node.

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