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Hello, and welcome to our MEAP!  Thanks for joining us in this project to document and make easy-to-use that brand new, not-even-released yet piece of the future of Virtual Reality, the Oculus Rift.  We’re ridiculously excited about the prospects of the hardware, and if our book improves the quality of the software that folks write for it, then our work here is done.  We know that the Rift—in fact, all of VR—is terra incognita for many of our readers, so we’re aiming this book at experienced object-oriented developers who may not know OpenGL or advanced 3D graphics, but have at least seen them across the room at parties.

Oculus Rift in Action has a few simple goals:

  1. Defuse all fear of coding for the Rift. Make it clear that it’s easy; make it clear that it’s fun.
  2. Walk the reader through the key methods of the Oculus SDK.
  3. Offer advanced readers deeper insights into other languages, other platforms, and how they can work more directly with the headset.
  4. Show readers how not to make their users violently ill with motion sickness (and how to avoid that fate while developing, too!)