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The audience for the first two chapters (part 1) of this book is broad, and can range from technically savvy business users who want to learn more about service-oriented architecture (SOA) to programmer analysts and architects. For the remaining chapters, some prior knowledge of Java is assumed, and numerous code samples are sprinkled throughout those remaining chapters. That said, there is material in the introductory chapters in each technology area covered that can be easily digested by non-developers. While the products covered are all written in Java, it’s likely that if you are a C++ or C# developer, you’ll be able to follow the examples sufficiently enough to understand the key concepts being imparted.

All of the products we cover in depth in the book undergo frequent updates. This may range from minor dot releases to major new versions. I will make every effort to make sure the examples provided in the sample code are kept up to date with the latest releases. Please visit, as it houses the latest versions of the source code and will be used to highlight any significant new releases as they pertain to the products covered.


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