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Our goal in this book is to give you working knowledge of how to build, deploy, and maintain applications running on OpenShift. We use practical examples to build core knowledge of the platform. Throughout, we explore the inner workings of containers within the Linux kernel all the way up through running a CI/CD pipeline. While OpenShift has a fast release cadence, this book is designed to be relevant for future releases by focusing on foundational concepts instead of latest-and-greatest features. We hope it gives you the fundamental tools to succeed and is a reference for you going forward.

Who should read this book

OpenShift in Action is for any IT professional who’s investigating OpenShift specifically, or containers in general from a developer or operations perspective. Countless blog posts and documentation sites are available online, but this is the first book that takes a view of OpenShift from top to bottom. Included in that is how to use container runtimes like docker as well as information about Kubernetes. This book brings all that information together in a single source.

How this book is organized: a roadmap

This book has 4 parts and 11 chapters. Part 1 explains OpenShift at a high level and explores deploying a cluster, creating your first applications, and how applications work in containers:

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