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Thanks for purchasing the MEAP for Optimization Algorithms: AI techniques for design, planning, and control problems.

Optimization problems are ubiquitous in different aspects of life. This book is written for practitioners interested in solving ill-structured search and optimization problems using modern derivative-free algorithms. This book will get you up to speed with the core concepts of search and optimization and endow you with the ability to deal with practical design, planning and control problems.

Without assuming any prior knowledge of search and optimization and with an intermediate knowledge of data structures and Python, this book has been written to take most anyone from never solving search and optimization problems to being a well-rounded search and optimization practitioner able to select, implement and adapt the right solver for the right problem.

This book grew out of several courses related to search and optimization taught by me at different universities and training centers in industry. My 25 years working as an AI and Robotics professor in the academia and as a technical leader in industry have given me a wealth of experiences to share with you through this book.

By the end of the book, you should understand: