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In this book, I show how the OSGi technology can be used to write better software, and in particular, how OSGi can be used to write better platforms for the development of better software.

Most importantly, I focus on real problems and on how OSGi can be used to solve them. Instead of just explaining OSGi’s API for modularization, I first show you the problems that arise due to the lack of modularization. Instead of simply giving you OSGi’s transaction API, I show you why and when you need to use transactions, and what the implications are of using transactions in a modularized service-oriented fashion in OSGi. As you read this book, you’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of OSGi, and learn how to create containers that can manage transactions and persistence for applications!

Several years ago, it was inconceivable for a developer to write their own enterprise-grade development container or platform. OSGi has drastically changed this; it allows you to create your own domain-specific platform. OSGi is to domain-specific platforms what yacc is to domain-specific languages (DSLs).

Finally, in this book, I tackle some basic problems, but I don’t shy away from the complex ones. You’ll learn OSGi in depth. You won’t just be looking at OSGi’s API, but rather at the reason why the API is what it is, how you can best use it, and when not to use it. You’ll even learn about open OSGi issues and what can be expected to change.

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