Pandas in Action MEAP V04 cover


Thanks for purchasing Pandas in Action! I'm thrilled to introduce you to the most powerful data analysis tool that I've ever worked with!

Back in 2015 and even to this day, many introductory texts to Pandas assume the reader to be an experienced software engineer. But the truth is you do not have to be an advanced programmer to work with this technology. Pandas is friendly, open, and relatively simple to learn. Its programmatic, command-driven nature requires a different mental model than the visual one that comes with a spreadsheet software. But if you feel confident in Excel, I feel confident that you can master Pandas. I'm living proof that it's possible; I learned the library as a data analyst who'd never written a line of code before.

Pandas in Action is designed to be a comprehensive tutorial for the library, starting with absolute basics like importing data files and proceeding to complex operations like joining and grouping multiple data sets. Pandas is a workhorse and is capable of just about every data manipulation you can imagine. It is used for sorting, ranking, aggregating, joining, filtering, cleaning, and more. It plays friendly with text data, numeric data, timeseries data, missing data, duplicate data and more. We'll be diving into all these examples in the diverse datasets bundled with the book.

I hope you discover the same excitement for Pandas that I did when I started playing around it with five years ago!