Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices MEAP V08 cover
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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP of Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices. Whether you’re an operations, systems, DevOps, or software engineer, I hope you’ll take some of the patterns and practices in this book and immediately apply them to your infrastructure configuration.

To make the most of the book, you’ll want to have foundational concepts of infrastructure or learned at least one public cloud (such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure). It also helps if you have some knowledge of a scripting or programming language (like Python) and got started with an infrastructure as code tool (like HashiCorp Terraform). I tried to generalize the concepts but include some hands-on examples showing implementation. You can apply the patterns to your own infrastructure, whether datacenter or cloud.

I divided the book into three parts. The first part covers how to write clean infrastructure as code. It contains a lot of patterns for modularizing and organizing your configurations. The patterns might seem a bit abstract at first but set the foundations to reduce maintenance and promote change in infrastructure systems.

The second part discuss how your team uses infrastructure as code. You’ll learn team practices to scale collaboration. These involve testing, branching models, continuous delivery, and security auditing.