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Portlets are web components, like servlets, that are responsible for accessing distinct applications, systems, or data sources and generating markup fragments to present the content to web portal users. The Java Portlet technology simplifies the process of developing web portals by providing personalization and content aggregation as an integral part of the technology.

Portlets in Action is a step-by-step guide to developing portlets using the Java Portlet technology. The text is complemented by numerous examples to demonstrate how different features of the Java Portlet technology are used in developing portlets. The book covers not only the core Portlet 2.0 API, but also goes beyond to cover leading frameworks that simplify portlet development.


The book is divided into three parts.

Part 1 introduces the Java Portlet technology and includes chapters 16. If you’re new to portlets, you should read chapters in sequence.

Chapter 1 introduces you to the world of portlets and web portals. In this chapter, you’ll learn what portlets and web portals are, and why they’re so important in today’s world. This chapter lays the foundation for learning the portlet concepts described in later chapters. We’ll also look at how to install a Liferay Portal server, set up the Eclipse IDE and a portlet application’s project structure, and develop a Hello World portlet.

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