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PostgreSQL is really booming right now and seeing a rapidly expanding user base. According to the Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey, it’s now the most admired and desired database among developers and professional developers. This is the right time to get important content out there for this crowd of newcomers to Postgres but also cover aspects of this database that are not well-known or overlooked.

Through more than 15 years of experience with PostgreSQL and having worked for two of the foremost Postgres database companies, I saw a lot of mistakes being made “in the field” and started speaking about them at conferences. As searching for “things not to do” is not common, and the advice out there is scattered across disparate blog and forum posts, it made sense to gather the most important PostgreSQL mistakes in a book.

The book’s approach to the topic is to give you a story or narrative to help understand the setting and context of a problem to be solved. Then, uncover how potential solutions can turn into mistakes, and finally explain why this is wrong in PostgreSQL, and give workarounds and recommendations. Code snippets, sample application code, mind maps and diagrams, and comparative figures and tables are used throughout this book to illustrate the points being made.