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About this Book


This book is for anyone with an interest in PowerShell. Perhaps you want to learn what you can accomplish or perhaps you’re trying to solve a problem and you see a chapter that will help. While the majority of the chapters in the book are written for IT pros, there is plenty of content for developers and others whose PowerShell experience may be more peripheral.

We’re assuming you have some fundamental PowerShell knowledge. If you’re an absolute beginner, much of the content will be lost on you. This book isn’t intended as a tutorial for learning PowerShell, but it should teach you how to accomplish certain tasks or take advantage of a PowerShell feature that goes beyond the core documentation.

In any event, this is PowerShell content you likely won’t find any place else, written by PowerShell experts and MVPs.

What version of PowerShell do I need?

This book isn’t targeted at any particular version of PowerShell. There are some chapters that are PowerShell 3.0-specific and that should be evident from reading the chapter. The safest assumption is that you’re using at least PowerShell 2.0.

Where’s coverage of Microsoft Exchange?

As we were assembling content for this book, we had to use what contributors wanted to write about, but we also wanted to keep the book broad in scope. Yes, there are a few chapters that are SQL Server-related, but many of the concepts and techniques can apply to other PowerShell situations.

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