Chapter 1. Introduction


This chapter covers

  • What the book will and won’t teach
  • The boundaries of this book
  • Going beyond PowerShell

As of this writing, Windows PowerShell is approaching its sixth year of existence and in its third major release. In that time, it’s changed the way people look at administering many Microsoft, and even some non-Microsoft, products. Although the graphical user interface (GUI) will always be an important part of administration in many ways, PowerShell has given administrators options: Use an easy, intuitive GUI; manage from a rich, interactive command-line console; or fully automate a simple scripting language. We’re delighted that so many administrators have started using PowerShell, and we’re honored that you’ve chosen this book to further your own PowerShell education.

1.1. Who this book is for

We wrote this book for system administrators, not developers. In the Microsoft world, administrators go by the catchall title “IT professional” or “IT pro” and that’s who we had in mind. As such, we assume you’re not a full-time programmer, although if you have some programming or scripting experience it’ll make certain parts of PowerShell easier to learn.

1.2. What this book will teach you

1.3. What this book won’t teach you

1.4. Where we drew the line

1.5. Beyond PowerShell

1.6. Ready?