1 PowerShell automation


This chapter covers

  • How to conceptualize your automation needs
  • Why you should automate with PowerShell
  • How to know when PowerShell is the right tool for the job
  • How you can get started automating your workloads today

Every day, across all industries, IT professionals are tasked to do more with less, and the best way to achieve that is through automation. However, many companies do not see IT automation as an asset. More often than not, automations are cobbled together by some sysadmin in their spare time. This often leads to situations where the automation becomes less efficient than doing the task manually, or even worse, it becomes a blocker for change.

I am sure at some point you have tried using one of the codeless automation platforms such as IFTTT, Flow, or Zapier, among others. If you are like me, you probably found the features a little too basic. They are great for personal one-off–type automations, but to really get what you need out of them and ensure they can support enterprise-level automations, they require customization beyond what their simple GUIs can provide.

1.1 What you’ll learn in this book

1.2 Practical automation

1.2.1 Automation goal

1.2.2 Triggers

1.2.3 Actions

1.2.4 Maintainability

1.3 The automation process

1.3.1 Building blocks

1.3.2 Phases

1.3.3 Combining building blocks and phases

1.4 Choosing the right tool for the job

1.4.1 Automation decision tree

1.4.2 No need to reinvent the wheel

1.4.3 Supplemental tools

1.5 What you need to get started today