Practices of the Python Pro MEAP V07 cover


Thanks for purchasing the MEAP for Practices of the Python Pro! This book is for anyone who’s started using Python and is interested in developing the skills to write maintainable code at scale through thoughtful design. You’ll need to balance many facets of software development as your project grows, especially if you want to collaborate with others. Testing, performance, readability and more are all important aspects of quality software. By the end of this book you should understand what these facets are in detail, and how to balance the time you spend on each.

This book has the lofty goal of introducing foundational aspects of building software thoroughly enough to hit the ground running on big projects while being approachable enough for developers just entering the field or using programming to supplement work in other disciplines. As such I’ve focused on inclusive language and relatable analogies throughout. I hope you’ll engage with me in the liveBook Discussion Forum and let me know how I’m doing through the writing process so that this book can serve people like you as effectively as possible!

– Dane Hillard



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