1 Putting ASP.NET Core in context


This chapter covers

  • Putting ASP.NET Core in context
  • Understanding the role of the ASP.NET Core platform
  • Putting the ASP.NET Core application frame works in context
  • Understanding the structure of this book
  • Getting support when something doesn’t work

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s web development platform. The original ASP.NET was introduced in 2002, and it has been through several reinventions and reincarnations to become ASP.NET Core 7, which is the topic of this book.

ASP.NET Core consists of a platform for processing HTTP requests, a series of principal frameworks for creating applications, and secondary utility frameworks that provide supporting features, as illustrated by figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1 The structure of ASP.NET Core

1.1 Understanding the application frameworks

1.1.1 Understanding the MVC Framework

1.1.2 Understanding Razor Pages

1.1.3 Understanding Blazor

1.1.4 Understanding the utility frameworks

1.1.5 Understanding the ASP.NET Core platform

1.2 Understanding this book

1.2.1 What software do I need to follow the examples?

1.2.2 What platform do I need to follow the examples?

1.2.3 What if I have problems following the examples?

1.2.4 What if I find an error in the book?

1.2.5 What does this book cover?

1.2.6 What doesn’t this book cover?

1.2.7 How do I contact the author?

1.2.8 What if I really enjoyed this book?

1.2.9 What if this book has made me angry and I want to complain?