Apache Pulsar in Action MEAP V04 cover


As a frequent subscriber to Manning’s early access program, I am thrilled to welcome you the MEAP for my very own book, Pulsar in Action! In order to get the most out of this book, you should have some established skills in Java programming, along with basic experience running container-based applications with Docker.

Pulsar is a complex messaging system that was originally created at Yahoo and has been contributed to the Apache Software Foundation. It was designed to provide fast, scalable, and durable messaging and much more. I see Pulsar raising the standard for both messaging and storage platforms as the world shifts away from batch-processing and towards real-time stream processing.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 will cover the basics of messaging, streaming data, and stream processing with a focus on how Pulsar provides these features. It will also cover Pulsar unique architecture and contrast it against the other popular messaging frameworks such as Kafka.

The second part will focus on Pulsar’s native stream processing capability, known as Pulsar Functions, that makes it easy to deploy lightweight computing logic using simple functions written in one of several popular programming languages including Python, Java, .NET, and Go. It will also cover how to use Pulsar Functions to develop event-driven applications and microservices by providing in-depth examples that you can download and try yourself.