Python Workout: 50 Essential Exercises MEAP V05 cover


Hi, and thanks so much for purchasing the MEAP of the Python Workout: Fifty short projects!

Over the last few years, Python has made inroads into many areas, including system administration, data science, devops, text processing, and Web development. As such, there are now many courses and books that aim to teach you Python.

Indeed, I spend just about every day teaching Python at companies around the world. It's fun and exciting to see so many people learning Python, getting more done in less time — and enjoying themselves along the way.

For many years, my students would consistently ask one question after taking my courses: Where can we go to practice the Python we've just learned?

It shouldn't surprise me that they would want such practice. Athletes don't just hop onto the field and start to play, even if they're good at what they do; they're constantly improving and sharpening their skills. Even if you understood everything that the teacher said in your high-school math class, you still needed to practice, in order to ensure that it sank in. And anyone who has learned a foreign language knows that there's a world of difference between speaking in class, and using it in a real-world setting.