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With this book, I want to introduce the potential and relevance of Quantum Computing to Java Developers. This book is targeting both beginning developer as well as very experienced Java developer -- and anything in between.

Most developers already heard something about Quantum Computing, but to many it seems very abstract, futuristic or mysterious. In this book, I try to explain why Quantum Computing will be very relevant to most Java developers, and why you better start learning about it today, and not wait for the first powerful quantum computers to arrive.

Quantum Computing is expected to have a big impact in many IT areas, including encryption, communication, security, scientific research, optimization, databases,... .

In the book, we show how Java developers can use their existing skills (Java development) and still leverage the benefits of Quantum Computing. You don't need a degree in physics in order to use Quantum Computing.

We explain the core concepts of Quantum Computing through the eyes of a developer, and we show a number of Java samples that leverage the benefits of Quantum Computers. These Java samples run on an open-source Quantum Computer Simulator we refer to, and with minor modifications they can run on real Quantum hardware.