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Quarkus is a full-stack framework for building cloud-native Java applications. This book focuses on explaining how Quarkus functions and the extensive overview of different technologies that integrate with Quarkus to provide various functionalities integral to your applications. Whether your focus is on microservices or you target serverless deployments, this book will teach you how to write them in the productive manner that Quarkus provides. We assume that you’ve worked with Java or a similar JVM language in the past and possibly that you also might have some experience with enterprise application development.

Throughout the book, we create a Car rental application simulating a real-world example that consists of several Quarkus microservices. Whether you choose to code this application with us is totally up to you, but it can be an engaging hands-on experience that you might not find elsewhere. The application is intentionally demonstrating multiple different technologies to cover as many options that Quarkus supports as possible.