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About this Book


RabbitMQ is an open source message broker and queueing server that can be used to let disparate applications share data via a common protocol, or to simply queue jobs for processing by distributed workers. It doesn’t matter whether your project is big or small: RabbitMQ can adapt to your needs. Do you want to quickly prototype one of your application components in language X and be sure you can easily switch it tomorrow to a more performant language? RabbitMQ can help you by decoupling the communication protocol. Do you need to be able to process image uploads for your social website as they arrive, while adding or removing workers with ease? You can use Rabbit queues to store jobs and let the broker perform the load balancing and job distribution for you. Problems like these can be easily and quickly solved by using RabbitMQ; this book is here to show you how to best implement your architectures around messaging.

Programming your application is one thing—keeping your application up and running is where the challenge starts. Don’t worry; this book also covers best practices for RabbitMQ administration, clustering, securing, and monitoring, so you can also learn the operational side of things.


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