Chapter 1. Foundational RabbitMQ


This chapter covers

  • Unique features of RabbitMQ
  • Why RabbitMQ is becoming a popular choice for the centerpiece of messaging-based architectures
  • The basics of the Advanced Messaging Queuing model, RabbitMQ’s foundation

Whether your application is in the cloud or in your own data center, RabbitMQ is a lightweight and extremely powerful tool for creating distributed software architectures that range from the very simple to the incredibly complex. In this chapter you’ll learn how RabbitMQ, as messaging-oriented middleware, allows tremendous flexibility in how you approach and solve problems. You’ll learn how some companies are using it and about key features that make RabbitMQ one of the most popular message brokers today.

1.1. RabbitMQ’s features and benefits

RabbitMQ has many features and benefits, the most important of which are

1.2. Who’s using RabbitMQ, and how?

1.3. The advantages of loosely coupled architectures

1.4. Summary