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This book is ambitious in scope, setting itself the aim of teaching you everything you need to do in order to transform a neglected legacy codebase into a maintainable, well-functioning piece of software that can provide value to your organization. Covering absolutely everything in a single book is, of course, an unachievable goal, but I’ve attempted to do so by approaching the problem of legacy software from a number of different angles.

Code becomes legacy (by which I mean, roughly, difficult to maintain) for a number of reasons, but most of the causes relate to humans rather than technology. If people don’t communicate enough with each other, information about the code can be lost when people leave the organization. Similarly, if developers, managers, and the organization as a whole don’t prioritize their work correctly, technical debt can accrue to an unsustainable level and the pace of development can drop to almost zero. Because of this, the book will touch on organizational aspects time and again, especially focusing on the problem of information being lost over time. Simply being aware of the problem is an important first step toward solving it.


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