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React in Action is about React, the library for building user interfaces on the web. It covers the core concepts and APIs involved in building React applications. You’ll build a sample social networking application with React over the course of the book. This app will cover a variety of topics, ranging from adding dynamic data to rendering on the server.


This book is written for people who want to learn React. It doesn’t matter if you’re a software engineer, a VP of engineering, a CTO, a designer, an engineering manager, a university or coding boot camp student, or someone who’s just curious about React. Depending on what your needs are, you can focus on different parts of the book, too. I cover React from a high level during the first part of the book and get more specific and advanced as we go.

You’ll have a better experience reading the book if you have some basic familiarity with JavaScript. This book uses a lot of JavaScript, but it isn’t about JavaScript. I don’t cover fundamental concepts in JavaScript, although I do lightly touch on them if they’re relevant to a discussion about React. You should be able to work through the examples if you have a basic proficiency with JavaScript and understand how asynchronous programming in JavaScript works.


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