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This book is intended to cure the troubles of front-end developers, make their lives more meaningful and happier, and help them earn more money by introducing them to React.js—and doing so in a fast manner (hence the word Quickly in the title). It’s the work of one and a half years and about a dozen people. At the very least, the book is meant to open your mind to some unusual concepts like JSX, unidirectional data flow, and declarative programming.


The book is split into two parts: “Core React” (chapters 111) and “React and friends” (chapters 1220). Each chapter includes descriptive text supplemented with code examples and diagrams where they’re applicable. Each chapter also has an optional introductory video that will help you decide whether you need to read the chapter or can skip it. Chapters are written in a standalone manner, meaning you should have no trouble if you don’t read the book in order—although I do recommend reading it sequentially. At the end of each chapter is a quiz, to reinforce your retention of the material, and a summary.

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