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About this Book


This book is intended to be a comprehensive guide to understanding and designing Reactive systems. Therefore, it includes not only an annotated version of the Reactive Manifesto, but also the reasoning that led to its inception. The main part of the book is a selection of design patterns that implement many facets of Reactive system design, with pointers toward deeper literature resources for further study. While the presented patterns form a cohesive whole, the list is not exhaustive—it cannot be—but the included background knowledge will enable the reader to identify, distill, and curate new patterns as the need arises.

Whom this book is for

This book was written for everyone who may want to implement Reactive systems:

  • It covers the architecture of such systems as well as the philosophy behind it, giving architects an overview of the characteristics of Reactive applications and their components and discussing the applicability of the patterns.
  • Practitioners will benefit from a detailed discussion of the scenario solved by each pattern, the steps to take in applying it—illustrated with complete source code—as well as a guide to transfer and adapt the pattern to different cases.
  • Learners wishing to deepen their knowledge, for example, after viewing the course material of Principles of Reactive Programming, will be delighted to read about the thought processes behind the Reactive principles and to follow the literature references for further study.

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