Chapter 8. Using Restlet with cloud platforms

This chapter covers

  • Using Restlet in the cloud
  • Deploying Restlet applications to various cloud platforms
  • Accessing RESTful applications from the cloud using Restlet
  • Securely accessing intranet resources from public cloud platforms with Restlet

From the beginning of the book, you’ve seen how Restlet is an easy, convenient, and powerful framework for implementing and accessing RESTful applications. But Restlet goes further—it’s also a complete middleware for connecting heterogeneous remote applications based on REST and HTTP.

In this chapter we describe the benefits of using Restlet for cloud computing in both providing and consuming RESTful web APIs. We first look at how to deploy Restlet applications into various cloud platforms, such as Google App Engine, Amazon Beanstalk, and Windows Azure.

8.1. Restlet main benefits in the cloud

8.2. Deployment in Google App Engine

8.3. Deployment in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

8.4. Deployment in Windows Azure

8.5. Accessing web APIs from GAE

8.6. Accessing OData services

8.7. Accessing Amazon S3 resources

8.8. Accessing Azure services

8.9. Accessing intranet resources with Restlet’s SDC extension

8.10. Summary