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About this Book


Rx.NET in Action is a full guide for the Reactive Extensions library for .NET developers. It delivers explanations, best practices, and tips and tricks that will allow you to fully use Rx in your applications.

Who should read this book

Rx.NET in Action is for .NET developers who write event-based and asynchronous applications and need powerful consuming and querying capabilities over events and push-based sources.

Rx.NET in Action is also suitable for developers who are curious about reactive programming and the Rx library techniques, but who may not have an immediate need to use it. Adding Rx know-how to your toolbox is valuable for future projects; reactive programing is a hot topic and will continue to be in the future.

This book primarily uses the .NET version of Rx, and the code examples use the C# language. Readers familiar with C# will be right at home.

This book is suitable for any platform supported by .NET (including .NET Core).

How this book is organized

The book’s 11 chapters are divided into two sections.

Part 1 provides an introduction to reactive programming and to the .NET skills you need in order to understand the functional aspects of the library.

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