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If you’re ready to become an expert on Seam, I can guarantee you that this book will get you there. I don’t use terms that confuse you just to make myself feel smart. I don’t say “trust me on this; it will all work out.” I don’t distract you with an outline of the next chapter when you’re trying to focus on the current material. And especially, I don’t sprinkle @In and @Out annotations over a class and expect that you’ll know what they will do. Nope. I lay down the facts. I show you the steps. I reveal the logic. I diagram the flow. What I like most about programming is that each thing happens for a reason. The exciting challenge is learning what that reason is and then turning around and discovering how to make practical use of it. Some areas of Seam are hard to get, I’ll admit. But trust that with guidance, you will get it. Never settle for less than the facts, and don’t give up!

Not only do I teach you how Seam works, I also teach you the how and the why so you can go off and teach Seam to others. I’ve traveled into each and every corner of Seam, and I want to share with you what I’ve experienced to motivate you to travel there yourself. I want to give you what Seam gave me: the ability to reach my true potential as a developer. This is the best resource to help you understand Seam without gaps.


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