16 The origins of the SSI community


Infominer and Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young

    Self-sovereign identity grew out of a decade-long movement widely known as user-centric identity, of which Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young is one of the most distinguished pioneers. Kaliya started the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in 2005 with Doc Searls and Phil Windley. Held twice every year since then, IIW has been the birthplace of almost every major innovation in decentralized digital identity. As SSI has grown, it has attracted newcomers such as Infominer, a prolific (and anonymous) SSI writer and curator, coached by Kaliya (who has always supported bringing more talent into the community). Together, they have co-founded Identosphere.net. In this chapter, the two of them describe the fascinating evolution of the SSI community from its origins to the present. Obviously, this will need to be updated over time, but we hope this chapter gives you a broad perspective on where the SSI movement has come from and why it has gained so much attention.

    16.1 The birth of the internet

    16.2 Losing control over our personal information

    16.3 Pretty Good Privacy

    16.4 International Planetwork Conference

    16.5 Augmented Social Network and Identity Commons

    16.6 The Laws of Identity

    16.7 Internet Identity Workshop

    16.8 Increasing support of user control

    16.9 Rebooting the Web of Trust

    16.10 Agenda for Sustainable Development and ID2020

    16.11 Early state interest

    16.12 MyData and Learning Machine

    16.13 Verifiable Claims Working Group, Decentralized Identity Foundation, and Hyperledger Indy

    16.14 Increasing state support for SSI