Self-Sovereign Identity cover


Thanks for purchasing the MEAP of “Decentralized Digital Identity: The Advent of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)”. We hope to introduce you to the world of decentralization and the profound impact it is having on digital identity. This book is somewhat different than the average Manning book. While it will teach you about technology, SSI is still a growing and changing ecosystem. To use an analogy, our aim is to convey the structure of the SSI forest even if the specific trees and animals living in it might evolve significantly over the coming years.

We also believe that books of this nature need to go beyond the practical aspects of teaching technology to help the reader understand the rich new dimension of the Internet that is being created. SSI is about more than technology—it is a complete business, legal, and social shift in philosophy about how the internet can evolve. So our goal is to provide you with a long term tool for thinkers, architects, developers, product managers, business people and policy makers to understand the full scope and possibilities of SSI.

By the end of the book you should understand: