Seriously Good Software: Code that works, wins, and survives MEAP V05 cover


Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Seriously Good Software: Code that works, wins, and survives. I’m thrilled to see the book reach this stage and look forward to its continued development and eventual release. This is an intermediate-level book covering a wide range of topics from Programming, Computer Science and Software Engineering, all tied together by a single running example: a class that is refactored over and over again to fulfill different quality objectives.

Assuming you start with basic knowledge of OO programming, preferably in Java, at the end of the book you will be proficient in various higher level activities, such as: assessing the performance of a piece of code in terms of time and memory, writing robust classes that react gracefully to unforeseen conditions, writing more readable (and hence more maintainable) code, dealing with the subtleties of concurrency, and generalizing a class to a wider range of applications. Besides these specific abilities, you will be keenly aware of the trade-offs inherent to every programming task, no matter how simple.

Don’t overlook the hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter: they come with detailed solutions and complete the core content by applying the techniques of their chapter in different contexts.



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