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Serverless Applications with Node.js is a book whose primary goal is to teach about and help you build serverless Node.js applications. It features a pragmatic approach, where you start with a story of your fictional Aunt Maria’s Pizzeria, whose problems you’re trying to solve by going serverless. The book begins by explaining serverless, tackling each problem Aunt Maria encountered by a separate serverless concept, which slowly start to form a clear picture how to build effective and clean serverless Node.js applications.

Who should read this book

Serverless Apps with Node.js is for JavaScript web developers seeking to learn how to build serverless applications and trying to understand how to properly organize, architect, and test them. Even though lots of Node.js content is already available online, as well as lots of tutorials on building basic serverless applications, this book introduces a step-by-step process for combining all those serverless topics and concepts to help you build big serverless applications and become a serverless Node.js developer.

How this book is organized

The book is organized in 3 parts with 15 chapters.

Part 1 explains the basics of serverless and how to build a serverless app with a database, how to connect to third-party services, how to debug it, how to add authorization and authentication, and how to work with files

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