Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition MEAP V08 cover
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Hello and welcome to the second edition of Serverless Architectures on AWS.

Since the publication of the first edition of our book much has changed in the world of Cloud Computing and Serverless Technologies. Things have moved very quickly: new services and frameworks have emerged, patterns and architectures have been discovered, more people have had a go at building Serverless applications and running massive Serverless workloads in production. Serverless systems have emerged as the true cloud native systems we have dreamt about.

This book has been updated and revised to reflect the best practice that exists today. In addition to covering AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, SNS, Serverless Framework it now covers SQS, DynamoDB, Cognito, Google Firestore, AWS Elementals MediaConvert, Step Functions, and many other services. There is a new chapter that goes deep in to Lambda, it reveals some of the more advanced black-belt tips, tricks, and optimizations. There’s a new chapter on patterns and a chapter on DevOps for Serverless application.

You bought this book at the right time. Interest and investment in serverless architectures is growing by the day. Developers and organizations are adopting serverless, and companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are working tirelessly to improve their serverless offerings.